This stuff will literally flip the switch and give you yor life back again! You will go back to loving life and having a good time. You will definitely have your smile back!”

Nicole S

Houston, Texas

Anointed Nutrition helps boost my mood and beat the blues! I love how it's made with all natural ingredients and I dont have to worry about all the bad side effects! ”

Tammy F.

San Diego, California

  • Safe Formula, No Prescription Required

  • GMO, Gluten & Soy -free

  • Keto-Friendly

  • Natural Ingredients With Zero Side Effects

  • Approved by 3rd Party Lab Testing

  • 180 day Risk-Free Guarantee

This “Happiness Block” Is Keeping You Frustrated, Edgy, and Agitated...

Are you constantly having arguments at home?

Do you feel like your family misses “the old version” of you?

Did your friends and colleagues stop wanting to hang out with you?

Do you think your lack of motivation is preventing you from being the best version of yourself?

You might blame it on work or money worries, not getting enough vitamin D, chaotic household, lack of sleep or an unhealthy lifestyle.

But what if your low mood wasn’t your fault?

Because scientists have discovered a hidden “Happiness Block” that’s preventing you from feeling joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

You probably already know that the “happiness hormone” inside your body is called serotonin.

And it travels on a specific pathway to get distributed to your brain, gut, and other body cells where it can be released, which causes you to feel happy, calm, and joyful.

This pathway serotonin travels through is called the “HPA-Axis.”

However, there’s a problem that has been undiscovered. Until now…

Serotonin shares this path with the main stress hormones — cortisol and adrenaline. These two stress hormones dominate the HPA-Axis pathway, and the “happiness hormone” gets blocked.

The HPA highway gets clogged and serotonin stays in the traffic jam. This is called the “Happiness Block,” and it prevents serotonin from getting released.

The result of this block causes anxiety, agitation, and stress.

This means:

No matter how much you meditate…

No matter how often you practice deep breathing…

No matter how much you journal…

You’ll never be able to experience real joy, happiness, and carefree confidence.
Because of this “Happiness Block” hidden inside of your body.
But finally there is a solution…

The Natural Way to Find Freedom and Experience Happiness and Joy Every Single Day

  • High Quality, Natural & And Proven Ingredients

  • Long-lasting

  • No Weird
    Side Effects

  • 180-Day Risk
    Free Guarantee

  • New NanoZorb® Technology

  • 3rd Party Lab

The Natural Way to Find Freedom and Experience Happiness and Joy Every Single Day

  • High Quality, Natural & And Proven Ingredients

  • Long-lasting

  • No Weird
    Side Effects

  • 180-Day Risk
    Free Guarantee

  • New NanoZorb® Technology

  • 3rd Party Lab

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What it can do for you

No More Quick Fix: Say Goodbye To Tension And Edginess For Good

100% Natural Solution To Feeling Calmer, More Peaceful And Relaxed

Regain The ‘real’ You And Discover Unconditional Happiness And Joy

Anointed Nutrition SMILE is the Most Potent Solution to Deliver Serotonin when you need it most

This all-natural tincture is the newest 3-in-1 solution that's helped thousands of men
and women across the United States flip the “happiness switch” for good.

Unblocks the “Happiness Block” in the HPA-Axis, which allows serotonin to be delivered to your brain cells, central nervous system, and other cells in the body

Magnifies the feeling of calmness, happiness, confidence, and vitality by supplementing and enhancing the natural compounds and minerals already found in your body.

Maintains a powerfully positive mental balance and well-being, which keeps you in a good mood for longer periods of time. No more mood swings. No more edginess. Just pure happiness!

Made From Powerful, Proven and 100%
Natural Ingredients


Known as ‘nature’s key to happiness’, this powerful natural compound has been used in South Africa for thousands of years.

Famous for its effects on the mind and body, it widens the HPA-Axis and removes the “Happiness Block” resulting in an uplifted mood and deep feelings of calmness, confidence and joy.

Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA)

This fatty acid is naturally produced in the body, and is the reason you feel the “runner’s high” after any kind of workout.

As we get older (30+), the production of P.E.A. slows down. It’s vital to feel calm, pain-free, happy, and full of life, and with this ingredient, you get all the feelings of satisfaction...

Without the pain of exercise!

Lithium Orotate

A mineral that is scientifically proven to maintain a positive mental balance. It delivers feelings of confidence and wellbeing by activating brain receptors responsible for your mood and by reducing cortisol levels.

It helps you stay in a good mood for longer periods of time, without mood swings or sudden “stress episodes.”

These Ingredients Are 5 Times More
Bioavailable Thanks to the
Revolutionary NanoZorb® Technology!

Bioavailable Means MORE Nutrients Will Reach Your Bloodstream, Causing MORE Impact and MORE joy!

Did you know?
Most of the supplements you find online have poor bioavailability issues because of the size of the molecules in the ingredients

They are too big for your body to absorb. This means only a small fraction of the ingredients are reaching your bloodstream...

...and you’ll experience little to no benefits from these supplements, making them a complete waste of time and money.

This is why Anointed Nutrition uses patented NanoZorb® technology that breaks down molecules into nano-particles. Particles so small that millions could fit onto the head of a pin.

This means:

Higher Bioavailability

A higher percentage of the ingredients will reach your bloodstream and make an impact.

So your spirits are lifted and you feel BETTER than ever.

Faster Absorption

The nano-particles are quickly absorbed into your body and then enter your system immediately.

Better Product Stability

Most particles tend to climb back together after the initial separation. NanoZorb® ensures the particles stay in the nano-size.

This keeps you feeling positive, joyful and confident for LONGER

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It Takes Less than 30 Seconds to Flip the
“Happiness Switch” and start enjoying
the life you deserve.

Most supplement brands are cutting corners when it comes to the production of their products and are usually PACKED with fillers, heavy metals, pathogens, and solvents.

These can cause some serious side effects, such as elevated blood pressure, racing or irregular heartbeat, headache, dizziness, or digestive symptoms.

This means you’re likely paying to intoxicate your body and worsen the situation.

This is why we suggest staying away from these products and instead...

Trust your happiness to SMILE:

  • Manufactured in a GMP-certified facility
  • 3rd-party lab test before the bottle gets the label applied
  • Another 3rd-party test after it leaves the lab for maximum purity and potency
  • Free of chemicals, fillers, contaminants, pesticides, and heavy metals
  • No side effects

No Other FORMULA Can Make You

Anointed Nutrition Smile

100% Natural

GMP Certified

3rd Party Lab Tested

5X Better Absorption Using NanoZorb®

Free of chemicals, fillers, contaminants, pesticides, and heavy metals

Made in the USA in approved labs

Backed by thousands of happy, smiling customers


Usually full of chemicals

No GMP certificates

Rarely tested & results can’t be proven

Limited absorption due to large particles

Can be packed with with fillers, heavy metals and pesticides

Often made in places like China

Potentially Backed by shady marketing

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100% Satisfaction, Try Risk-Free

Smile is the only all-natural happiness booster you’ll ever need. In
just a few weeks, you could be a completely different person.

Happiness. Calmness. Joy. On Demand.

It can:

  • Help you reclaim joy, peace, and calmness
  • Take away the heavy weight that you live under 24/7
  • Be in a better mood and stay there
  • Enable you to live a freer, happier, and more fulfilled life
  • Make you a person that everybody wants to be around

Just imagine…

  • Enjoying a joyful mood every day.
  • Feeling peaceful, relaxed and happy...no matter what
  • Finally winning the battle against stress, agitation, and edginess
  • Laughing with your family and friends
  • Being admired for your good mood and sky-high motivation

TRY RISK FREE - You Love It, Or You DON'T Pay

Every Order Comes With Our No Questions Asked, 180-Day Money Back GUARANTEE!

Anointed Nutrition is a family-run business. Reputation and customer satisfaction are our top priority. We stand behind all our products, and we’ve seen the evidence from the scientists and thousands of happy customers…

SMILE can change lives.

This is why you can try SMILE for 180-days completely risk-free. Most of our customers fall in love with SMILE right away, due to its fast absorption and its immediate impact.

But if, for some reason, SMILE doesn’t do something amazing to your life, then just contact our customer service, and we’ll refund every penny.
No questions asked.

Plus, when you choose the 6-Bottle Bundle, I’m throwing in a
special bonus worth $69.99:

It’s called “RELIEF”

It’s a specially formulated tincture with the most powerful anti-inflammatory
ingredients on planet earth.

We’re talking about Turmeric/Curcumin, Resveratrol, and Ginger Root.

And these compounds are made even more powerful and effective…

With NanoZorb technology…

Creating the most powerful, natural pain relief product we've ever seen!

It's a lot easier to be in a better mood.. when your body just feels better.

If you’ve ever wondered why “anti-inflammatory” supplements haven’t worked that well for you…

It all comes down to bioavailability.

With NanoZorb, these powerful compounds get shrunk 80,000 times smaller…

Which means your joints & muscles can experience fast-acting, long-lasting pain relief.

Which ultimately can’t help but improve how you feel each and every day.

It can truly help you accelerate your results.

Choose Your Deal - It’s Time to
Transform your Life


1 Bottle
30-Day Supply


Regular Price:
$149  $59

6 Bottles
180-Day Supply


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90-Day Supply


Regular Price:
$447  $135

“Why Should I Choose Smile?”

And other questions answered in our FAQs Below

Why Should I Choose Smile Over Another Product?

We understand there are other products on the market that claim to deliver better moods. However, many times these products are over-the-top with their claims and do not provide the necessary quality of natural ingredients, cutting-edge nanotechnology, or scientific research to make a real difference. Other products on the market are packed with chemicals, fillers, contaminants, pesticides, and heavy metals. On top of that, their bioavailability is low, meaning you’ll experience little to no benefits while overpaying for the goods. Smile takes advantage of NanoZorb® technology, which skyrockets the bioavailability. It’s manufactured in a GMP-certified facility under strict and sterile conditions. It’s 100% natural and goes through two 3rd party tests before it gets shipped to you. As said, this is the LAST emotional supporter you’ll ever need! That’s why every order comes with a no-questions asked, 180 day risk -free trial.

How does it taste?

Anointed Nutrition SMILE tastes amazing and has a slight peppermint flavor.

How fast is shipping?

We package ship your package from our warehouse within 24 business working hours.

Will I get billed monthly?

No, Smile is not a re-ocurring order being billed each month. You will have to go back to the website to order again. Heres a secret, when you order you will receive a coupon for your next purchase.

How does the risk-free guarantee work?

You can try the Smile for the next 180 days. And if you don’t experience complete peace of mind, just drop us an email or give us a call. And we’ll refund you within 48 business hours of the product(or empty bottles) being returned to our facility. No questions asked.

How much liquid is in each bottle?

1fl. oz(30mL) - 30 servings

Does your product contain gluten or nuts?


Is your product vegan friendly and cruelty free?


Is your product 3rd-party lab tested?


Where is your product made?

At our GMP certified manufacturing facility in Utah.

How many bottles should I order?

We recommend grabbing an 180 day supply of Smile to experience the best results. With consistent use comes longer term improvements in spirit, sleep and even anti-aging benefits from less stress.


Since Smile was featured in some of the world’s leading media outlets, we have struggled to keep up with demand. There are also multiple factors that affect our supply:

Due to the pandemic, we’re having ingredient shipment delays.
- The NanoZorb® procedure and third-party tests take a lot of time.
- Quality controls and maintaining the purity standards.
- Thousands of smart customers taking advantage of our 180-day, risk-free guarantee.

This causes us to constantly run out of stock!

Imagine running out of Smile right after you started seeing serious improvement in your mood and happiness levels. You could quickly return to the “struggling stage” where you feel under a cloud all the time.

That’s why we highly recommend getting the 180-day supply package… just to be on the safe side.

And on this website ONLY you can get it for only $39.95 per bottle (saving 72%...you will find this nowhere else!).

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